Who we are



PBIC was set up in 2007 to in response to the need to support migrants newly arriving to the UK.

We offer a number of services to our clients, which help with successful integration into British society. Our services include:

  • Free ESOL classes
  • General Advice (housing, healthcare, education, benefits)
  • Careers Advice (CVs, Job-search, Interviews, applications)
  • Social and Integrational events
  • Interpreting/Translation
  • Polish Language classes

In addition, The Polish British Integration Centre also represents the Polish community at various events/forums and promotes Polish culture to the British public.

Why do we help?
– We ourselves have experienced the hardships associated with starting a new life outside our homeland.
– We are a ware of the typical problems migrants have when moving to the UK.
– We effectively integrated with British Society and want to show others how to do so.
– We want to contribute something from us to the local community in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Our vision is a society in which migrants are allowed to appreciate the values and challenges of life in Britain, in return to offer their contribution to create an understanding and successful culture.
Our mission is to support migrant communities, to encourage active citizenship, education and well-being resulting in a positive relationship between the migrant community and the wider British society.
Our Centre was established by people that had a common goal – to help Polish migrants that have moved to the UK to work. At first we were their translators and guides through Britain. In 2004, when the European Union opened its borders to Polish residents, it became clear that we needed to take action on a wider scale. This is how PBIC was formed.
Małgorzata Brady

PBIC is registered as a Charity Organization Reg. no. 1152448:

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