Everyone needs to be listened to – sometimes, simply speaking to someone can help untangle the most complex thoughts that have been going through our minds. When we isolate ourselves, we can tend to make issues feel much bigger than they are – we worry, cannot think of solutions and forget that there is help available.  

At PBIC, we understand that migrants living in the UK are often exposed to many adverse experiences – stemming from social exclusion, language and cultural barriers, racism, lack of understanding of rights and simply having to live away from your home country.  

If you think you have been affected by these experiences and would like to talk to someone – or you simply just feel like you need someone to speak to, get in touch with us to book an appointment. 

Listening Service FAQs

Our listening service offers a confidential and safe space for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings to a listening service specialist. The specialist will provide empathy and understanding and help the person to explore their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way. The service is free, anonymous, and non-directive. Confidentiality is maintained except in cases where the listener assesses that the person is at risk of hurting themselves or others as per our safeguarding policy.

To access the listening service, you must be registered with our charity as a service user. To do this, visit our office at 90-92 Bromham Road, Bedford, MK40 2QH during our opening hours and our reception team will help you complete an initial assessment. 

 If you have already accessed support at PBIC and are registered with us, you can simply give us a call on 01234 328100 or e-mail us on info@pbic.org.uk to book an appointment.. 

Our listening service specialists hold sessions in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. 

The listening service is not the same as counselling and therapy. Our listening service specialists are not psychotherapists.

Our service is non-directive, and the listening service specialist will not you what to do, but rather help you explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns and find your own solutions. We can however support you with accessing therapy through the Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service and other mental health support provided by local charities.