Support for Ukrainian Guests

Support for Ukrainian Guests

Dear Ukrainian Guests,  We are here to help.

PBIC is a charity that supports migrants with integrating into British society. We are here to help you with a variety of issues that you may face after having moved to the United Kingdom. 

Advisers and volunteers from PBIC are here to:

  • Help you in the first steps you need to take after moving to the UK – This includes: 
    • Setting up a bank account 
    • Applying for a National Insurance Number 
    • Registering at your local GP 
    • Applying for the benefits you are entitled to
    • Understanding your rights in the UK
  • Support you with exploring your career options in the UK through providing relevant careers advice and support from our qualified advisers.  
  •  Refer you to free English language courses (ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages). 
  •  Connect you with others that may be going through similar experiences through our Listening Service Support Groups. 
  •  Link you with volunteers and charities that provide additional support if necessary.  

We provide information and support through different communications networks. For your convenience we set up a Telegram channel PBIC information desk. Please join the channel using the link: PBIC Telegram

You can also call our office on 01234 328 100 or fill out our contact form.

   Unfortunately, we do not provide support with linking guests and sponsors but can refer to local volunteers who may help.