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What Our Clients Say About PBIC

I went to the PBIC office for the first time  about 4 years ago, and I regularly use the help that the office offers. Every time I receive professional help. I ended up winning my ESA tribunal, thanks to the huge involvement of  the PBIC advisor. Such a service is especially needed for people who do not speak English and who don’t know English law. I will certainly continue to use PBIC’s support.

Mirosław K. September 2017

It’s been two years since I first went to help with the PBIC office. Together with my wife, we used free English lessons so today we have no problems with language. This has also increased our ability to find better jobs. But life is perverse, now I have health problems. I only got my benefits after going to the tribunal at which the PBIC advisor represented me. The case ended with a win. I, and many other Poles whom I know, think that the form of help that the office offers is a direct hit!
Jacek P. September 2017

I often use the help of the advisers at PBIC. The PBIC advisors deserve special recognition, because my appeal to the tribunal when my ESA was stopped, was a complete success.  Working with the PBIC advisors is a pure pleasure. I am grateful for their commitment. In the future, I also plan to take advantage of the English language lessons that PBIC offers free of charge.

Marek. N September 2017

I have never had a better service than the service I have received from PBIC. The PBIC advisors helped my husband to win his tax credit tribunal under very difficult circumstances and we received over £4000 in back-paid tax credits in 2015. Since then, whenever I have needed help PBIC has always been there to help and the PBIC advisors are always polite and professional and always know how to help me. I could write a book about how many times PBIC has helped solve my problems. I definitely recommend this excellent organisation

Krystyna K. September 2017
When I moved to the UK, I didn’t know anything about life in this country. I didn’t know what I needed to do and how to do it. I met lots of different „advisers” who tried to help me, but unfortunately not in the way that I needed to be helped. Only when I came to PBIC I received professional help in dealing with administrative matters and translating documents. Since then I have been using the services provided by PBIC like English courses and Career Advice. I am really lucky that I moved into a town in which there is such an institution.
Katarzyna P. September 2014
In my opinion PBIC is a group that helps migrants and is a really competent institution that you can trust and can count on for help in any case and they will not leave you to face your problem on your own. I am very satisfied and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet them all.
Magdalena Wilczyńska. September 2014


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