Help and support to deal with Covid-19

Help and support to deal with Covid-19

Help and support to deal with Covid-19

Here in PBIC we are very aware of the difficulties and issues people have faced (and continue to face) because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We see people every day who are experiencing bereavement and loss; people suffering from social isolation and loneliness; people who are concerned about their jobs or who are out of work for example.

We wanted to support people with the issues and problems they are facing either directly or indirectly because of Covid-19 and with help from the European Social Fund we can do even more than we have been able to in the last few months.

PBIC’s new Pathways for Recovery Project aims to help you recover from the affects of Covid-19 by providing free Information, Advice & Guidance especially for people who are out-of-work or lost their job; help preparing your CV, job-search skills, interview skills; Support with your  mental health & well-being, social isolation and loneliness with someone to listen to you and new support groups.

We can offer you ESOL classes to help improve your English Skills and help to gain employment or find the right training course to improve your skills and help you progress in your Career.

The Pathways for Recovery Project is free of charge and aimed at adults who are unemployed or inactive.

Whatever your support needs are come and talk to us.

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