Mediation Service


Mediation Service

Mediation Service

The British are providing unprecedented support to Ukrainians suffering from war. More than 100,000 Ukrainian citizens have found refuge in the homes of British residents. The vast majority of British and Ukrainians live under the same roof, sharing a common space.   

Each person is an individual. We all have our own habits, attitudes, preferences, experiences, beliefs, upbringing, culture, ways of interacting with others, and communication skills.  Since we are different, misunderstandings may arise during communication, which in the future sometimes develop into conflicts.  

It is common that even when living together between guests and sponsors, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise. What can help in this case? 

Mediation helps to find understanding. Mediation is a way to resolve conflicts, where a professional neutral mediator (mediator) helps the parties to establish effective communication and make decisions in their dispute.  PBIC offers Mediation services to Ukrainian guests and British sponsors both to prevent misunderstandings and to resolve conflicts that have already arisen.

Written by Tetiana, PBIC’s Mediation Service Specialist

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