Guide to Life in UK

How to rent apartment in UK

Guide to life in the UK. Renting

Guide to life in the UK. Renting

We are glad to welcome you to our new section Guide to life in the UK.

Today we open this section with a set of publications on the topic of Renting in the UK. 

So, please find below the 7 main steps of Renting in the UK. In general, the Rental process in the UKconsists of the:

  1. Viewing ads
  2. Booking of viewing
  3. Paying of holding deposit
  4. Referencing
  5. The signing of the contract
  6. Paying the Rental deposit and X months’ payment
  7. Letting in/Settlement

Let’s look at each step in more detail.

Viewing ads / How to look for housing

The most popular way is online through the sites listed below.
More ways:

  • through agencies that are located in your city (you can just go to the agency from the street and ask what property is available for rent)
  • you can walk down the street and see a sign next to the house “available for rent”. There will be a phone number of the agency or landlord on the plate, you can dial it and sign up for viewing.
  • listen to information from your sponsors, acquaintances, etc., that someone is renting out housing (word of mouth).
    Whether it is better for you to rent from a landlord or from a letting agent will depend on your budget and needs. Each option has pros and cons.

If you rent directly from the landlord:

  • it is possible that payments before moving into housing will be less (depending on what the landlord requires)
  • you may not have the same requirements of reference as the agencies. Perhaps the landlord will not require strict compliance with your income and so on
  • problems may arise since you will be less protected without an agency in the form of an intermediary and a clearly described contract.

If you rent from a letting agent:

  • you probably won’t even know what the landlord looks like and will never interact directly with him, which is often a huge plus
  • the agent acts as a wall between you and the landlord
  • you go to an agent if you need a renovation (if they manage the property) – they will talk to the landlord themselves and arrange the renovation for you
  • you can get advice from an agent about the area and how safe it is etc
  • you let the rental agent know if repairs are needed (if they manage the property) – they will talk to the landlord and arrange repairs for you
  • you are more protected and your contract is likely to be more thought out and you will have fewer misunderstandings

Selecting a site for search

If you are looking for a room, then your site is

If you are looking for an apartment/house, etc., then your site is:

Mostly with agencies (If you have a connection to an important place – a school for children, or a good job – use the search option in Zoopla allowing you to choose the maximum travel time from this place)

Mostly offers from homeowners (landlords)

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to consider all sites and all methods, since finding housing can be a rather lengthy process.

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