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PBIC Listening Service

PBIC Listening Service

Everyone needs to be listened to – sometimes, simply speaking to someone can help untangle the most complex thoughts that have been going through our minds. When we isolate ourselves, we can tend to make issues feel much bigger than they are – we worry, cannot think of solutions and forget that there is help available.  

At PBIC, we understand that migrants living in the UK are often exposed to many adverse experiences – stemming from social exclusion, language and cultural barriers, racism, lack of understanding of rights and simply having to live away from your home country.  

So, if you think you have been affected by these experiences and would like to talk to someone – or you simply just feel like you need someone to speak to, give us a call on 01234 328100 or e-mail us on to book a session with our listening service specialists.  

Our listening service specialists hold sessions in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Written by Zofia and Tetiana, PBIC’s Listening Specialists

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