Advice for furloughed workers – NCS COVID-19 Support

Advice for furloughed workers – NCS COVID-19 Support

Have you been affected by Covid-19? The PBIC team can help.

If you are currently looking for work, apprenticeships or volunteering positions, the PBIC team can support  you. 

PBIC’s Career Advisers offer free multi-lingual career advice tailored to the needs of each client as part of the National Career Service (NCS). PBIC advisers will support you to assess and develop your skills, plan for your future and move into employment.

Under the NCS project the team at PBIC can support you with:

  • • creating or improving your CV and cover letter
  • • completing job applications 
  • • matching your current skills and experience to available job opportunities
  • • identifying skills gaps and finding online learning opportunities to fill those gaps
  • • job application techniques and improving interview skills
  • • referral and signposting to current online courses available via partners and training providers
  • • COVID-19 NCS signposting to additional services in support of wellbeing including financial support (>>Click here) and mental health (>>Click here)
  • • providing information about volunteering opportunities

You will agree on an Action Plan with a PBIC Career Adviser to assist with your progression into work, an apprenticeship or study course,  you will receive continued support until you achieve your goals.

COVID-19  NCS Support – Claiming benefits

As soon as you have been made redundant, it would be best if you claimed all the benefits you are entitled to. If you sign up for an apprenticeship or study course, make sure you claim any additional support, for example, money towards childcare. If you have lost your job or are working reduced hours, you may be able to claim benefits (>>Click here). 

Please find a link to a smart survey for people who have been affected by COVID-19 >>>Click here 

You can contact our team for one-to-one support by telephone  01234 328100, email or by online chat available on the PBIC website.

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